5 Reasons I Left My Career of 30 years to Open a "One of a Kind" CBD Shop

5 Reasons I Left My Career of 30 Years to Open a One of a Kind CBD Shop

I'm a big CBD user and advocate. While this may seem obvious to you, let me explain. I'm not a hippie, pot-smoking, peace-loving kind of girl. When I began taking CBD for my insomnia, I was skeptical it would work for me, as most natural remedies rarely did. In fact, I have spent my fair share of moola on essential oils and other homeopathic remedies. While others raved of their cures, I ended up just adding them to the collection under the sink. But, when I took CBD for the first time, I slept soundly through the night. I no longer needed to worry about which sleeping medication to take and what type of hangover to expect the next day. So yes, CBD and I were becoming fast friends.

CBD is gaining more and more popularity. When Entrepreneur.com wrote an article about the future of CBD, I became even more intrigued. I wanted to try the different brands available locally and soon became a CBD connoisseur. The interesting thing about CBD is not all brands are the same and the delivery methods will affect individuals differently. So, I had some learning to do. The best part of all, I was getting to enjoy all the unexpected benefits of more cannabinoids in my body. I was experiencing greater clarity, energy, and elevated mood. CBD, where have you been all my life?

I believe in the "Wellness Movement". The science has proven all the many diseases and disorders that CBD can help with. The FDA recently approved an epilepsy drug and soon, the FDA will regulate the industry even more and thus providing more legitimacy. Then we can move forward with extinguishing the misperceptions of CBD. Even Martha Stewart has decided to start her own brand of CBD products.

It's just simply rewarding! I know that sounds cliché, but hear me out. When I started sampling out my CBD products on my friends and co-workers, many became big fans. But it was when I opened my CBD shop and really got to hear about the positive effects CBD has had on my customers, I became fulfilled in a whole new way. An estimated 60% of people are able to stop taking their prescriptions when taking CBD! Now that is something to brag about!

The business opportunity presented itself. Well, maybe not in the traditional sense, but in my dreams. Many of my friends and family rolled their eyes at the idea, calling it "just another fad". However, I knew it was worth the leap. If I put quality product on the shelves, the customers would keep coming. I also wanted to offer customers a variety of choices, unlike most CBD shops. At my boutique you can choose from a great variety of quality brands both in store and online. Be looking for my next story on my journey to help others in their wellness goals.  ~Liza



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Sunday, 01 August 2021

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